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 The Volkssport Association of Alberta is the 'umbrella' organization for all Volkssport Clubs in Alberta. 

Latest Breaking News
** The St Albert Trekkers are planning a bus trip to Alberta Majesty in September. Please contact Gerry Vercammen, if you are interested, at: gerryipa@telus.net 

** It is with sadness that we announce the passing of the CVF Vice President, Gordon Bell. Obituary can be found at www.walks.ca

** The revised CVF website is expected to go on line early in 2015. Watch for it at the same address, walks.ca

** There has been a decision to change Year Round Events, or YREs, to Permanent Trails, now known as PTs.  
**  The 2015 Event Calendars have been distributed, if you would like a copy please check your closest walk box, or contact your club.

PDF of Event Calendar



 * The CVF Lighthouse Program is missing: This program is open and ongoing. $5.00 preregistration.  You will receive a certificate and pin upon completion. Three levels of achievement: Canada is divided into 3 zones. Designated Permanent Trails.  

 * The Canada Cup, Capital Cities, Lighthouse and new Canada A-Z programs need to be preregistered and prepaid through the CVF office.

 * For all other CVF programs the stamp sheet can be printed from their website and once filled with stamps sent in to CVF office with payment.


The clubs of the Volkssport Association of Alberta hold organized walks in Alberta approximately twice a week all year round. With clubs located throughout Alberta, you can walk the mountains, the cities, the towns and enjoy the vastness of this great province. Each club has unique walks to offer, and  history to be learned.  
The Canadian Volkssport Federation along with the American Volkssport Association are the largest organizations of walking clubs in the Americas. Their 600 clubs host non-competitive walks which are open to the public. 
So whether you want to walk locally, around the province, across the country or around the world there will be a walk for you!

Sunset on Walk in Sturgeon County






Read all about the provinces activities! Previous newsletters can be found at the VAA Newsletter tab under VAA History.

 March 2015

Celebrating 25 years of Volkssport in Canada, in Edmonton
Visitors since 2009

 Walk for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship

 Walk for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship